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Who is Jöel H. Prévost?

The truth is that, after that question, you could find infinite answers: since I am a totally conventional boy raised in a single-parent family in the charming city of Tarragona; Other than being someone who loves role-playing games, dying a thousand and one times in Dark Souls, putting together a zillion-thousand-piece puzzles, singing in front of people who I know are uncomfortable, dancing awkwardly to the same song by Youtube at night and, among many other things, cuddle your own and other people's animals; and reaching, for example, my thousand and one anecdotes from my career, from any of my two master's degrees, from my travels through Holland, France, England and Africa itself or from one of my few but extremely intense jobs as a journalist, editor , editor and proofreader. 
However, although all this is part of who I am, I think the most important thing you know about me is that:
-I am an obsessively hard-working person. For me, 8 hours of workday is the equivalent of a break between hours for coffee. No, seriously, if I have a project, I am commissioned to do something or, failing that, there is someone who depends on me and my work I can be a real animal. Trust me, it's easier for you to find me active at five in the morning than at eleven. In fact, it could be said that I put up with working until the sun rises, at which point I say hello, I make a comb for him and if that, I think I've done it, I'll go to sleep.
-I'm ultra-persistent. You see, everything here is proof of this: it is the result of years and endless hours of tenacity, hard times and sacrifices that are as valuable as they are difficult. However, I never gamble or wear myself out on things where I don't see a future for it. Simply, if I do not see it clearly, you will see me fulfill yes, but never at the highest level. 
-I'm ultracritical. Yes, I know. Sometimes I can be difficult to carry, but, uh, without any acrimony. As tough and brutally honest as I am with you I am, and more, with myself. Perfection is a utopia yes, but what the hell? You can only aspire to this by working hard to be, to the best of your ability, a little better.

-I'm a badge. Yes, I know, nothing is cool, but what are you going to do to it? When I am passionate about something, it absorbs me. I am intense but, yes, I do not usually stitch without thread and, also, I know a lot about what I am passionate about and I would love to share it with you.

-I am an absolute, declared and finished lover of Criminology. No, seriously, it comes down very much to the above, but ask me what you want. Debate with me, let me talk to you about theories, laws, points of view, techniques, well ... if you pull my tongue, I'll give you an almost infinite dissertation on crime, its causes and the role it plays in our society. Be careful, there is nothing!
-I am a curious soul and learning is my hobbie number 1. Look, just for this book I have had to learn, among many theoretical things related to the events and key aspects of the novel, to layout, to design, to make incredible websites such as This ... Right now, I'm actually learning to play the piano. I'm far from good (see, I told you I was critical) but I know how to put a couple of notes together and make some minimally acceptable and recognizable things sound like.

-I'm Pisces. That? It is a subnormality, I know, but I am and, what do I know? There will be someone who cares, right? Pisces are creative, noble, idealistic, dreamy, romantic, we are incredible lovers, we have an IQ of 520, we are juggling beasts, usually in love, and of course, obviously, we are absolutely and utterly handsome and charming. Myself, without going any further, I am all that and more ... and by more I mean that I have ***** thousand cm of you know what. Oh, and I was forgetting, we are clueless and ... I guess we tend to overdo it. What things don't?

But most, most important are the following two things that follow:

-I, Jöel H. Prévost, am the kind of person who believes that his animals are like his children.  Yes, everything is very crazy, but seriously, I love my dog Estela. Fuck, if you saw her, you would love her too. If the world returned to the stone age and we were left without light, believe me, look at my house because Estela has all the necessary to radiate from here to Alpha Centauri. Buagh, disgusting, damn, I'm so geeky that I just bit my tongue and I only got industrial sugar. But hey, it is what it is: if my Estelita is the topic of conversation, and believe me, she is the best topic of conversation, I will give you a warm welcome to my personal diabetes factory. Congratulations, I'm going to give you a lot but a lot of disgust! But shhh, Estela will continue to be the best in the world.

-And, finally, and again: I, Jöel H. Prévost, am the kind of person who makes promises that YES will keep and this, my dear or my dear, is for you : I promise, as long as you accompany me in this great and uncertain adventure that is to write, to give my best, my best effort and all that I am, including both what is written here and what is not, in giving you the best stories that I am capable of. Thus, I promise to give you entertainment, frenetic emotion, intense sensations and unforgettable stories, as long as you are willing to accept me as I am, to shake my hand and believe that everything I tell you is going to be true. And know? I am a Pisces who exaggerates, but here, trust me, I fall short. Together you and I; reader and writer we will create an unbreakable bond. And that's my promise!

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