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The Butterfly Hunter

September 18, 2021

After achieving fame and success in the Warlock and Euphoria cases, the newly appointed inspector, Lance Bennet discovers that his actions have captured the admiration of a serial killer.

The Butterfly Hunter, a sadistic and cruel criminal, is determined to put him to the test and, incidentally, to put all of London in check. So Lance, Scotland Yard's last hero, and a small group of policemen you can trust will race against time, to life or death, to end the wave of gruesome murders that is sweeping the city and to unmask the real man, the guilty, the monster in the shadow. What they do not suspect is that the Hunter has woven a long web and is much closer than they hope and wish.


About Jöel H. Prévost

Jöel H. Prévost (Tarragona, 1992) has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona and has two master's degrees: the first, in Criminalistics and Forensic Sciences, studied at the Autonomous University of Barcelona; and the second, Security, at UNED. It is precisely from the combination of his academic and professional career that the idea for this novel arises, written from a cinematographic perspective and full of references and winks to the world of cinema and popular culture, which, in addition, in its construction, is approached from maximum respect and rigor for Criminology, a discipline that is absolutely present in this work and which, precisely, adds an important additional value to the genre by nurturing its pages of knowledge, perspectives and genuine approaches to this field that allow fiction dress more realistically.

This is the author's second work and his first foray into the crime novel genre. His debut feature, Histories that dragged the wind , was published by Silva Editorial in 2016 and presents a series of philosophical stories that are interrelated and that, through their moral, try to incite the reader's reflection.